First Haircut

Who Needs a Hairdresser?

We (I) decided to cut Little Monkey’s hair.  My romantic visions of leaving his hair to become a flowing mane of curls had really just become a tangled scruffy mess.  I have tried to justify this by telling myself that a good haircut is always the secret to having it grow thicker and fuller.  In the end, it was just bugging me and his hair needed a little tidy up.

Before - Nice Hair

Professional vs. DIY was the next question.  As a consumer of hundreds of professional haircuts over the years, I felt like I’d paid enough attention to enable me to cut the hair of a 16 month old.   He certainly wasn’t going to complain about the styling but my own scars of bad childhood haircuts (thanks mom!) made me want to at least make sure he looked respectable.

Anyone with a toddler will surely recognize that the secret to getting a sharp implement near their head is 1) containment and 2) distraction.  So, with those two precepts in mind, we forged ahead.  First, containment.  The grandparents gave Little Monkey a lovely tricycle for Christmas which he loves to push around the house and SIT IN.  With Little Monkey securely in his trike, we move on to phase two, distraction.  This is where Peppa Pig comes in.  Sitting in his groovy trike in front of the tele watching Peppa.  Who could ask for anything more?

After - Who is this smart-looking boy?

And so with the stage set, we took turns with the shears.  What a cooperative little boy he was.  Lucky for us, most of the trim required was in the back of his head which he mostly didn’t care about.  We struggled to get around his ears as he could see the scissors coming.  But, in the end I think we did a pretty bang up job and I now have a little boy with neat hair!

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