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the start of a family holiday to Scotland + the furthest north I’ve ever driven in Britain + the longest I’ve ever driven in Britain (10 hours!!!) + counting down as we crossed the border 3-2-1, Scotland + a Twister and Mini Cheddars for dinner, good parenting! + stopping at the foot of the Cairngorms to have a wee by the side of the road + waking up to the calls of a rooster, way too early I might add + getting out for my first run in a week and enjoying every minute of it + breathing in fresh mountain air, exploring new running routes, meeting some cool cows20130825-220926.jpgtraveling to Inverness for lunch and a stroll along the River Ness20130825-221134.jpg20130825-221156.jpgenjoying the bright and sunny afternoon by visiting the Culloden Battlefield and soaking in Scottish history20130825-221222.jpg20130825-221245.jpg20130825-221334.jpgstanding on the roof of the car to photograph the sunset over the mountains + the most beautiful moon I’ve seen in ages, low and glowing in the sky as wisps of clouds float by


[WEEKENDING WITH AMANDA] – how was yours?

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  • Reply leonie wise August 29, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    love Scotland, and the coos! looks like you had a wonderful time

    • Reply Katherine Lightner September 1, 2013 at 8:19 pm

      It was a great time. so much beautiful scenery. Scotland polaroids to come!

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