Obstacle Course

Things I Want to Remember

//  He didn’t want to watch “Happy Feet 2” anymore because “it was a bit silly.”  So, he picked out 5 other suitable Blu-rays and shoved them all into the player.  Gotta give the kid credit for trying to solve a problem on his own.

//  When we have races in the back garden he says “On your mark, get UPSET, go.”  It’s too cute for me to bother correcting him.

//  At a pub lunch he decided he should use two forks to eat as there were two at his place.  Not really out of the ordinary except that he tried to use them both simultaneously.

//  He’s desperate to wear his new purple shirt ALL the time.  Even on school days when he can’t wear it because he has a uniform.  So, it’s became his “breakfast shirt” and sometimes his “sleeping shirt.”  Then, I finally got why the purple shirt was so important.  “I want to wear my purple shirt like mummy.”  I do wear a lot of purple.

//  Yeah, he’s got on sandals with socks.  His choice, not mine.

//  “Mummy, we need to learn to fly.”  Yes we do sweetheart, yes we do.

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  • Reply Mom October 30, 2012 at 11:52 am

    He looks so grown up in his purple shirt!

  • Reply HONEY October 30, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Beautiful…..wish I had written down lots of those…..so glad to see your blog again..luv, Honey

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