Sunday Morning Muffin

Things I Want to Remember

… saying “Mummy, you can’t wear that.  That’s daddy’s.  That’s too big for you.  Put your coat on.”  Silly me, I had put Daddy’s coat on to go outside (it was closest).

… making me sit on him to act out Row Row Row Your Boat.  Usually we do it the other way around.

… saying “Leave me alone, be nice to me” as he Daddy teased him.

… constantly wanting to be “naked with…”  As in, “naked with Spiderman trousers” or “naked with George shorts” (Note this means he’s wearing pants but no shirt).  What’s up with that?  Is he allergic to shirts?

… wanting to help cook and make his porridge in the morning

… actually weeing in a little cup.  He can barely wee in the toilet.

… asking me to hold the shower over his back because it feels nice.

… finding creative ways to make himself a little house / fort out of the sofa cushions.

… telling me on the way home from school that cauliflower cheese is his favorite when he has never eaten this at home.

… insisting that he climb into his car seat on his own.

… saying “let’s go home” when I picked him up from his grandparents.  He had a great time but he missed me.

… copying how Daddy drinks water, with “no top.”

… asking to go see the snakes before we left the zoo.  They’ve become his favorite.

… asking what everything’s name is and what it’s doing.  “What’s he doing?”  “What’s his name?” “What’s it got in it?”  I love that he’s become inquisitive even if it’s a little repetitive at times.  “What’s he doing?”  Well, the same thing he was when I told you 30 seconds ago.

… insisting on wearing his “light up” shoes to school.  Yes, dinosaur tennis shoes with little lights in the soles.

… putting his hand on a page in a book to mark it as an interesting page he wants to come back to.

… spilling milk on the floor with the express purpose of wiping it up like it’s a little game.

… “I got a booger in my nose.”

… Me:  “I love you little man.”  Him:  “Yes, of course.”

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  • Reply Matma June 13, 2012 at 9:09 am

    The last memory says it all.

  • Reply HONEY June 13, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    so many dear things to remember…..makes me recall things I should have written in a journal years ago…you are so smart to record those moments and I LOVE getting to know my great grandson a little more by his inquiring mind and observations…!!!!!

  • Reply Mom June 13, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    Wonderful Mummy!

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