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The Story of a Snowy Day

It snowed again and this time it was was the perfect snowman making snow.  Our cowboy snowman survived for quite some time. That is until he got shot in the eye. (Side effect of using frozen blueberries for his eyes. Not the best choice.)

Cheese sandwich, his favorite food on the planet.  He’d eat a cheese sandwich for every meal if I let him. Today he decided he wanted triangles (instead of squares).

We play a lot of cars in these parts.

A cold snowy day seemed like the perfect day to make Jamie Oliver’s Beef and Ale Stew. It’s dead easy which means I can make it without screwing it up and it was so yummy we polished it off at dinner time (that’s tea time for you English folk).

And, finally, no day is complete without my nemesis, the laundry.

I created these little videos with the wonderful Vine app, it lets me capture video yet frees me from the burden of editing. No editing, just filming. Sweet.

The only thing Vine doesn’t yet have is a nice web interface to follow a specific person’s videos. So to keep up with mine, you can follow me on Twitter, get the Vine app on your iPhone and follow me there (katlightner), or wait for me to embed them in a post like I’ve done here.

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