Monkey's Self-Portrait

Taking His First Pictures

For the Little Monkey’s second birthday, I got him his first digital camera.  Nothing fancy but one specifically designed to take the beating you’d expect from a toddler, a Kidizoom Twist.  I blatantly ignored the labelling on the package that said age 3+.  But I thought he could have lots of fun with it.  And, clearly, this purchase represented my attempt to get my child interested in the joy of photography at an early age.  Goodness knows he’s got a camera in his face enough I figure maybe he can learn all about why mummy is doing this.

When he got this for his birthday it was one of those gifts that he gave a once over, pushed some of the buttons, and then moved on to the cars and trucks.  Not interested.  Gutted!  It’s been in one of his toy drawers now collecting dust for five months.

Well he’s recently rediscovered it.  The camera still has a number of features that are too complicated for his age. But he’s figured out how to do the one thing that matters, take pictures.  He can look in the little LCD screen at himself and push the shutter button.

They’re not the greatest resolution and they’ll never be considered fine art, but I’ll love these photos forever.

The Little Monkey’s first ever self-portraits.

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  • Reply Matma February 22, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    A study in concentration.

    • Reply katlightner February 22, 2012 at 8:33 pm

      I know. The only reason they’re remotely in focus is because the camera was sitting on the table!

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