Me and Steve

Steve, Thank You for Everything

The news of Steve Jobs’ passing today has left me sad.  Sadder then one should normally be for someone they’ve never met.  I even admit that my eyes have gotten a bit watery at times today.

Relatively speaking, my love affair with Steve has been a short one as I only made “The Switch” about seven years ago.  Others have been with Steve for decades.  But from the moment I powered up my first Macbook, I haven’t looked back.  I’m sometimes forced to return to the world of Windows but it always feels like an itchy wool turtleneck.  I can’t wait to get out of it and slip back into something more comfortable.

And though my love affair with Steve may have been short, it’s been deep and passionate.  He’s transformed the way I look at technology and the way I use it in my every day life.

iPod, thank you for helping me run farther and faster.  iPhone, thank you for keeping me connected and for always being there to capture the moments of everyday life.  iPad, thank you for entertaining my toddler on a trans-atlantic flight and for making my book light redundant.  MacBook Pro, thank you for having the power to transform my words and photos into something better than they would otherwise be.  Apple TV, thank you for providing hours of entertainment and for letting me keep up with the movies I no longer get out to see.

Thank you Steve.  Thank you for being an innovator and for having the vision to create and design technologies around life.  Thank you for putting a “ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs


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