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Snowy Day

Saturday night brought our first snow of winter. The snowfall began early in the evening but most of its powdery goodness didn’t materialize until well after the Little Monkey had gone to bed. So I was actually giddy with excitement about showing him the snow in the morning and then taking him out to play in it.  He’s been in snow before but I thought this would be the first time he’d really get it.

Much to my dismay, he woke up so early this morning it was still dark when we got up and went downstairs.  This gave me plenty of time to fill my head with coffee before gearing up to go out in the cold.  And, it gave him time to just look out the window in amazement.

Once we got all bundled up, a process slightly less painful than that of Randy in “A Christmas Story“, we ventured out.  The snow was, well, a disappointment.  Not the nice fluffy stuff but the really wet slushy stuff and really not a ton of it, just an inch or two.  But, it was still enough for us to dig around in with a shovel making nothing in particular.

Because the snow was so slushy, we did manage to play around making lots of footprints and handprints.

And there’s nothing like cold wet fingers to make you want to come inside.  So we came back in leaving our snow-covered wellies by the door and then I made us some hot chocolate to warm up.

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  • Reply Matma February 6, 2012 at 10:37 am

    Cracking photos… and they tell a lovely tale.

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