Star Wars Christmas

The Season of Star Wars

We might be celebrating the season of Star Wars here even more than we’re celebrating the season of Santa.

We’ve introduced the little man to the original movies and watched our favourites repeatedly (his, Return of the Jedi). We’ve read Star Wars books and character encyclopaedias, becoming attached to curious and lesser known characters like Poggle the Lesser. We’ve built a mountain of Star Wars Lego and created our own collection of fan art (below, Kylo Ren). We’ve watched the new Force Awakens movie trailers hundreds of times, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the stories that captured our childhood imaginations.

And, now, we’ve finally seen The Force Awakens.

For us, it lived up to every bit of hype and was the best movie experience we’ve had at the cinema in years. It’s unlikely to win a Best Picture Oscar, but then there are plenty of recent winners that I found unwatchable. In contrast, The Force Awakens is a movie that I will happily watch over and over and have already seen twice. It entertained me, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me leave the cinema feeling emotionally invested in the story and its characters. And, it set right the wrongs of Episodes 1-3.

I want more. They cleverly left enough loose ends and unanswered questions, setting the scene for the next installments. But, unfortunately, I can’t binge watch this on Netflix like a season of House of Cards. So, I’ll be eagerly waiting around until 2017 before I can find out what happens next.

Happy holidays everyone. And, May the Force be With You!

Kylo Ren


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