Santas on the Run

Race Diary: Santas on the Run

I’m not even sure whether the little man still believes in Santa Claus. He’s made a couple of comments that have us wondering whether a school mate’s older sibling spilled the beans. But he’s still been excited about the holiday and he was full of smiles and laughter as we decorated the tree.

So I though what better way for us to take part in the jolly spirit of the season, then to run around the streets of Oxford dressed as the big man himself. Along with about 2000 other runners, the little man and I spent last Sunday morning “running” a 3K race in full Santa gear. It was a dreary morning, but as the sea of Santas gathered at the start, Christmas music played through the loudspeakers filling the day with festive cheer.

This was the first time that the little man has participated with me in a race. I’ve wanted to involve him in my running and this short, family event was perfect. He did tire of the running pretty quickly though and we likely walked about two-thirds of the way. But when we closed in on the finish, he did sprint with me to the end and I could see that he had a little smile on his face as the crowd cheered him on.

And to top it off, he got a medal and mince pie at the finish.

Santas on the Run

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  • Reply Mom December 18, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    What a wonderful fun day! You two are adorable! XXX

  • Reply Susan Shelton December 19, 2014 at 12:21 am

    Absolutely luv it! So wish I had been there!

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