Oxford Town & Gown 10K

Race Diary: Oxford Town & Gown 10K

Running with friends is more fun.

After a year spent running races on my own, I was lucky enough to run this year’s Oxford Town & Gown with my friend A.  And I it was my favorite race yet.

This time, I didn’t wander around aimlessly killing time at the start.  Instead, there were stupid selfies, conversations, and silly faces at the race photographer.  We commiserated when the octogenarian woman who regularly runs in my neighborhood left us in the dust.  And we both hoped that we’d be fit enough to run 10K when we’re her age.  (And no rest for her by the way.  Two days later she was back pounding the pavement.  Little old lady with the quick step and the orange running shirt, she is one of my personal heroes).

And, I’m thankful for the fellow runner who took this photo.  Though it did dawn on me later that I’d handed my phone to a complete stranger who was running away from me.

Since the Reading Half, I’ve been struggling to find my running mojo.  And, that’s certainly not where I want to be as I get ready to start marathon training.  But this race proved to be exactly the right medicine.  It restored my confidence and reminded me that sometimes you need to let go of the pressure for PBs and just have fun.

And, a sprint finish holding hands with a best friend?  That’s probably the only PB worth having.

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  • Reply Susan Shelton May 20, 2014 at 3:03 am

    So very proud of u!!!

  • Reply michelle gd May 22, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    the very best PB indeed!!!
    go you!

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