Football Practice

Links for the Weekend

This week I crossed the threshold into “soccer mom” territory as the little man went to his first ever football class.  At this age it’s mainly just a bunch of little kids running around like mad but boy did he have fun.

Things to worry about by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

A summary of the startling statistics about how the media targets children with treats.

How to become a visionary in your own life.  Inspiring lessons from inspiring women.

This has inspired me to complete a survey of the undersides of our toy cars.  I’d never thought about this before.

Police sketches of famous literary criminals.  For any bookworm, this is fascinating stuff.

Barack Obama has made us a mixtape!

We’re a big fan of dinosaurs in this house so I found these drawings of T-Rex trying to do everyday things with his incredibly short arms pretty darn funny.

Problem with Procrastination?  Try This: Do Nothing.  Oh, this is for me.

What happens in bookstores at night.

Dogs!  Underwater!  How can these gorgeous photos not put a smile on your face?  Well, at least if you’re a dog person like me.

Happy weekend! x


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