Happy Year of the Dragon

Links for the Weekend

I‘m currently reading the Steve Jobs biography.  Fascinating.  Bill Gates recently had some pretty interesting comments on their tumultuous relationship.

For someone who has photograph the Aurora Borealis on their life list, I am pretty behind the 8 ball, letting one of the best opportunities in recent years pass me by.  But, here are some amazing photographs that others managed to catch.

Think the US Food and Drug Administration has your best interests at heart?  Think again.  Read about its close ties to Monsanto and find out what you can do.

Want to hear something amazing?  Check out this turntable that makes music from the rings in wood.  It will blow your mind.

I am obviously a geek because I found this monologue by Comic Sans hysterical. (Fair warning, it does include some profanity).

We don’t have this many toy cars in the house (YET!) but what a gorgeous way to put them all together.  This would blow the Little Monkey’s mind.

The Bloggess is one of my favorite people on the Internet.  Read the latest on her inspiring Travelling Red Dress.  I might just have to get one.

These escalator photos almost make me nostalgic for all the time I spent on the Tube.  Or not.

Downton Abbey is my new television obsession and I’m eagerly awaiting Season 3.  In the meantime, here are a few interesting tidbits about Highclere Castle where it’s filmed.  I’ll be visiting as soon as it opens up again in the Spring.

A cathedral made of 55,000 LED lights.  Wow.  Amazing.

Have a lovely weekend and hope the Year of the Dragon is starting off with a bang.  x

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  • Reply Matma February 5, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    Not too sure about Chinese (or any other for that matter) Zodiac.
    According to Eastern Mysticism I’m a Rabbit and so is Big Monkey.
    If you read up – perhaps you may share my scepticism?

    I tried – and I missed the Aurora Borealis too.
    We live in hope – if not a careful eye on twitter feeds from Lancaster Uni?

    The rest of the links are smiles and awe!

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