Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

This year my son is 3 and this year I finally get the magic of Christmas.  I remember Christmas as a child but I don’t remember back far enough to the time when I truly believed in the magic.

But now with a child who is old enough to get the whole thing, I’m looking at the holiday with a whole new set of glasses.  I’m haven’t stressed out about gifts or felt compelled to bake hundreds of cookies.  I’ve just been enjoying looking at Christmas through the eyes of my child.

And his eyes are full of wonder and excitement.  He doesn’t know anything about the madness of shopping, cards, cooking, and all the other crap.  It’s just all about the idea that this jolly old man in a sleigh (or spaceship) with magical reindeer will be here in a few days bearing gifts.  And he TOTALLY believes this.

He’s ridden on Thomas the Tank Engine to go visit Father Christmas.  He’s created handmade ornaments and cards.  He’s drawn pictures of what he wants from Santa and then thrown them in the fireplace at school watching his wishes float up the chimney to Santa.

What a magical time to be a kid.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and that it’s full of magic.

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