Happy 70th Dad

Old photos are a wonder.  I love the glimpses they show of the little moments in time that make up a life. And when you look back at them you can sometimes even see reflections of things to come.

In these photos of me and my dad, I’m struck by his reflection in the door, camera in hand, capturing these and so many other moments.  I remember him taking pictures.  I remember taking pretend pictures on his camera and fiddling with all its knobs and buttons.  I’m certain it was these early moments learning about the wonders of photography through him that planted the seeds for the photographer I’ve become.

In a way, I’ve now become Dad.  I’m the one who captures the memories so that 40 years from now my son will have something to look back on and see glimpses of his childhood.

So thanks Dad, thanks for sharing this little bit of you.

And, Happy Birthday!

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