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Go Analog: Convert Your iPhone Photos Into Film

For all my love of everything digital, there are still some things in which I’m still squarely in camp analog. Yes, there are any number of apps on which to take notes or organize to do lists, but nothing has ever worked as well for me as old-fashioned paper and pen. Research even suggests that writing notes the analog way improves learning and comprehension. My stacks of Moleskine journals and collections of colored pens serve as testaments to my continued love of longhand writing.

I’ve also been unwilling to let go of film as a medium for photography. Instant film, in particular, with its dreamy qualities and keepsakes that fit nicely in my aforementioned Moleskine, is my favorite. But my Polaroid SX-70 was broken most of last year (now fixed!) so instead, I decided to experiment with the Impossible Instant Lab. The Instant Lab is a great little invention that lets you make original instant film images from photos off your iPhone. And I love it. I can take any image from the camera I have with me the most (iPhone) and convert it to film, creating images that are the same but also completely different.

Indeed, film is not dead.

Impossible Instant LabReflections of the ThamesImpossible Instant LabImpossible Instant LabImpossible Instant Lab

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  • Reply Mom February 20, 2016 at 2:59 pm

    This is another of your amazing finds/discoveries/projects! I’m in awe of all you do! Love many times over! Mom

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