My Little Mop Head
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Everyday Moments: My Little Mop Head

After six months of growth, my little man develops a glorious mane of curly blonde locks. It’s shaggy and unkempt, largely due to the fact that I rarely comb it, but it’s carefree and a bit wild, like childhood should be. I imagine an older version of him and that hair catching waves on a sunny California beach.  (Note to self, teach him the word “dude.”)

I’d leave it alone but eventually it gets in his eyes and he wants it cut. I let him decide. I feel like it’s important for him to know that he has choices in life, even about something so mundane. And that I trust his judgement.

And, so just sixty minutes after I captured this, my little man’s shaggy locks were gone. Now he’s older, wiser, and clean-cut. Now I imagine the older version of him in a prep school jacket and tie, surfing the stacks in the library.

Snip. Snip. Sniff.


This Everyday Moments post is part of a regular photographer’s blog circle that I join. Through images, we share moments that celebrate the everyday adventures that make up our lives. Please follow our circle around to see what Everyday Moments Laura captured this month.

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  • Reply Mom April 1, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    Love your little man either way – mop head or snipped & combed!

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