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Dinosaurs + Diggers = Awesome

Penny Dale is a woman who knows her audience.  Her book Dinosaur Dig has become a quick hit in our house as she has cleverly merged two subjects that little boys love (at least my little boy).  What is it about dinosaurs and heavy machinery that instantly captures their attention?

Tonight, as has been the case for several nights, when I asked Little Monkey what bedtime story he wanted the answer was “Dinosaur Dig.”  And, after reading it the first time and then offering to read another story, the answer was “No, Dinosaur Dig again.”

Recently, we were reading it and Little Monkey comes out and says “triceratops loader.”  At first I’m not sure what he’s talking about.  But then I realize that triceratops is indeed driving the loader in the story.  I had not picked up on that.  He’s not just been listening to me read it, he’s been analyzing it and associating elements of the story own his own.  And, any book that does that for my child is pretty cool in my mind.

Books about diggers, cool.

Books about dinosaurs, really cool.

Books about dinosaurs AND diggers, awesome.

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