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52 of Us: Fourty-Two

These haircuts are bittersweet moments for me.  When his hair gets long, he gets a lush set of curls covering the back of his head.  I want to hold on to those curly locks forever.

But the front stays thin and wispy, falling into his eyes and no amount of combing or brushing can hold it in place.  Sometimes I think I’ll just cut the front but then remind myself that no one ever looks good with a mullet.

So this was way overdue, it was at least six months ago when he last had it cut.  And I watch him sitting there in the big chair, flinching when the hairdresser sprays cool water on his hair or tickles the nape of his neck.

He smiles at himself in the mirror when he sees the finished product.  And he looks to me as if he’s aged 5 years, his new cropped haircut letting the grown up boy peek through.

I’ll be ready to have his curls back in another few months.


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  • Reply Matma October 25, 2013 at 8:12 am

    Had to smile at your reflection and mesmerised by the hairdresser’s hands. I love the fact that you’ve captured more than the obvious this time. Thanks for sharing.

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