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52 of Us: Fourty-Six

One of the things I really took away from Tracy Clark’s Elevate the Everyday, was this idea that photography shouldn’t be reserved for all the milestones and big events in your life, the birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations that we feel compelled to capture.  Instead, our life and our children’s lives are made up millions of little moments that on the surface don’t seem important. And, it’s in capturing these moments that we can really show what our life is all about.

So is the drive to school big deal?  No, it’s an ordinary thing that’s part of our everyday lives and that we completely take for granted.  But I want to remember these travels and be grateful for this time together. I want to remember all the Lego pieces I find littered around the car and the crumbs hiding in the corners of his seat.  I want to remember how he’s graduated from the car seat we brought him home from the hospital in, the one we fought with for over an hour trying to get in the car.

Sure, sometimes he likes to zone out to a movie in the back seat, which means I zone out to the news. But on other journeys we chat and he tells me all the things I need to know about robots.  And, trust me, I have a lot to learn about robots.

Thankfully, he’ll have many more school runs to fill me in on all the details.

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