52 Weeks of Us

52 of Me: Eight

It’s been a while since I had really short hair like this, even if it is just the illusion of short hair.  Looking at this face staring back at me, it kind of throws me for a loop as it’s one I don’t completely recognize.  Some days I wonder if it’s time to cut all the hair off again, kind of like getting rid of all the dead weight I’ve carried around, get a fresh start.  Then I remind myself that the last time I cut it all off I said I wouldn’t do it again, deciding after a few short months that I wanted my long hair back.

Is it just a safety blanket I cling to?  One that I neglect each day because I can just put it up in a clip and forget about it.  I want it to be there but I don’t want to put in the effort to care for it.  Maybe I should be brave again, that’s what I was trying to do the last time I cut it all off, remind myself that I can do anything.  Even if it’s a mistake, it will be my mistake, one that I’ll surely learn from and one that time will always heal.  Because hair does always grow back, I’ve got the roots to prove it.

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