52 Weeks of Us

52 of Him and Me: Twenty-Two

It’s been a difficult thing to find my motivation to start blogging again after 10 days holiday.  Ten days with friends in an amazing place I’d never been, and mostly without internet access, has me struggling to share photos, to sit at my keyboard and type, wondering whether anyone will even notice if my 52 week series just stops.

But I decided to show up.

I greatly anticipated my child-free holiday, much-needed time for me to recharge the batteries drained by parenthood.  The thing is though, I missed my little man terribly.  His little face as he ran to greet me at the airport was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen.  And this week I’ve enjoyed spending time with him, looking at our time together in a different light, appreciating him and the time we have together so much more.  Yes, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

And so here we are this week, him doing what he does A LOT of these days, focusing with intense concentration on the intricacies of a toy robot.  It’s all robots all the time at our house.  And me, I don’t know what came over me other than I just felt like it was a good a time as any to be a little silly.  I love that he has no idea I’m even there. 

We can all do with a little more silly in our lives can’t we?

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    Hahahaaa! that’s great! x

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