12 on 12 June 2014
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Today was another day full of nothing more than the normal routine of school runs and work. But today was also remarkable in its beauty. Deep blue skies full of warmth and sunshine. Gorgeous shades of blue that deserved to be shown in all their glory, no black and white this month.

  1. Morning skies.
  2. Cuddling up in his towel after our morning shower.
  3. Work. Security. Logging in.
  4. Kisses.
  5. Silly kisses.
  6. It’s World Cup day! While I don’t really follow football much throughout the regular season, this, I can get excited about. Especially as live in England where football is like a religion. And, I’ve been coerced into joining the office World Cup fantasy football league so I now have a vested interest in all the games.
  7. My blue sweater (aka jumper).
  8. Afternoon skies.
  9. Evening skies.
  10. Daddy’s flip-flops. A fixture by the back door.
  11. He wanted to do some art when he came home so daddy helped him make snowflakes and a paper people chain. Fingers crossed he inherits his daddy’s artistic talents.
  12. Big smiles.


Joining AMY GRETCHEN again with the 12 of 12 project.

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  • Reply Amy gretchen June 12, 2014 at 9:47 pm

    Yay I love the color! And the blue skies do look amazing!! Cute self portraits 🙂

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