12 of 12 | June

12 on 12 June 2014

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Today was another day full of nothing more than the normal routine of school runs and work. But today was also remarkable in its beauty. Deep blue skies full of warmth and sunshine. Gorgeous shades of blue that deserved to be shown in all their glory, no black and white this month.

  1. Morning skies.
  2. Cuddling up in his towel after our morning shower.
  3. Work. Security. Logging in.
  4. Kisses.
  5. Silly kisses.
  6. It’s World Cup day! While I don’t really follow football much throughout the regular season, this, I can get excited about. Especially as live in England where football is like a religion. And, I’ve been coerced into joining the office World Cup fantasy football league so I now have a vested interest in all the games.
  7. My blue sweater (aka jumper).
  8. Afternoon skies.
  9. Evening skies.
  10. Daddy’s flip-flops. A fixture by the back door.
  11. He wanted to do some art when he came home so daddy helped him make snowflakes and a paper people chain. Fingers crossed he inherits his daddy’s artistic talents.
  12. Big smiles.


Joining AMY GRETCHEN again with the 12 of 12 project.

Everyday Moments: Reflections


“We have to confront ourselves. Do we like what we see in the mirror? And, according to our light, according to our understanding, according to our courage, we will have to say yea or nay—and rise!”

~ Maya Angelou ~


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Race Diary: Oxford Town & Gown 10K

Oxford Town & Gown 10K

Running with friends is more fun.

After a year spent running races on my own, I was lucky enough to run this year’s Oxford Town & Gown with my friend A.  And I it was my favorite race yet.

This time, I didn’t wander around aimlessly killing time at the start.  Instead, there were stupid selfies, conversations, and silly faces at the race photographer.  We commiserated when the octogenarian woman who regularly runs in my neighborhood left us in the dust.  And we both hoped that we’d be fit enough to run 10K when we’re her age.  (And no rest for her by the way.  Two days later she was back pounding the pavement.  Little old lady with the quick step and the orange running shirt, she is one of my personal heroes).

And, I’m thankful for the fellow runner who took this photo.  Though it did dawn on me later that I’d handed my phone to a complete stranger who was running away from me.

Since the Reading Half, I’ve been struggling to find my running mojo.  And, that’s certainly not where I want to be as I get ready to start marathon training.  But this race proved to be exactly the right medicine.  It restored my confidence and reminded me that sometimes you need to let go of the pressure for PBs and just have fun.

And, a sprint finish holding hands with a best friend?  That’s probably the only PB worth having.

12 of 12 | May

12 of 12 May 2014

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Last month for 12 of 12 we had big adventures to share.  This month, not so much.  Back to the normal routine of school runs and work days.

  1. Suddenly he’s developed an interest in Scooby Doo.  I never really liked Scooby Doo.  I blame that, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the Wizard of Oz for my hatred of scary movies.  But he’s not fazed.
  2. Getting caught up on the latest werewolf news at breakfast time.
  3. The alphabet snake.  Sometimes we jump along from A-Z practicing our letters.
  4. I try to time the drop off so that I miss the school run queue.  Today I did not. (I’m stopped people!)
  5. Coffee brewing and ready to kick-start my morning.
  6. My second cup.
  7. The morning sunshine streaming into the front room.  I love the light and the shadow it creates.
  8. My office.
  9. I’m embracing the standing desk.  The kitchen counter is the perfect height and my body thanks me immensely for not sitting slumped over in front of my computer all day.  Standing keeps me moving with better posture.
  10. He’s home.  And covered in magic marker on his face and hands.  Seems he wanted a jellyfish tattoo.
  11. A drawing session before bed.  They’re learning about space at school so we drew the planets and then he and daddy drew robots.
  12. Bathtime.  See #10.


Joining AMY GRETCHEN again with the 12 of 12 project.

Beautiful Badbury Bluebells

Badbury Clump Bluebells

Badbury Clump is a magical place when the bluebells are in full bloom.  I want to stay for hours meditating and taking photos, soaking in the beauty around me.

The little man, he just wants to run around collecting sticks, filling my pockets with random vegetation, and making funny faces.

Badbury Clump BluebellsBadbury Clump BluebellsBadbury Clump Bluebells